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About Inside-Out Journeys

Welcome to Inside-Out Journeys, a unique Psychedelic Adventure Camp designed to facilitate deep connection with the natural world, the inner self, and a small group of amazing humans.

Hosted in the awe-inspiring mountains of Colorado (and eventually elsewhere), providing transformative experiences that transcend the ordinary. We blend invigorating outdoor activities with introspective moments against the stunning backdrop of nature's grandeur. Our multi-day adventures include immersive activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, and during the right season, exhilarating whitewater rafting. Yoga sessions nestled amidst nature form the perfect start to each adventurous day.

Inside-Out Journeys stands apart from other psychedelic retreats due to our distinctive approach to curating a group journey. We believe in cultivating a foundation of trust and camaraderie among participants before embarking on the optional psychedelic journey, (which is curated under Colorado's legal framework). We prioritize group activities to allow organic bonding, creating a sense of community, safety and comfort among participants well before consuming any mind altering medicines.

Our approach to psychedelic exploration is refreshingly unrestrictive compared to traditional psychedelic retreats. We avoid rushing participants into a psychedelic journey, and we don't impose strict guidelines on participation. We won’t force you to sit in a circle, eye gaze with a stranger, or say a prayer. Instead, we create a space of freedom, respect, and mutual support, encouraging participants to navigate their journey of consciousness at their own pace. We do have a trained team available should you need the hand or shoulder of a sober mind.

Inside-Out Journeys fosters not just a temporary adventure, enduring friendships. Many of our participants have been pleasantly surprised by the depth of the connections formed during the event, often likening the experience to creating a new family. These strong bonds, are a testament to the unique environment of camaraderie and shared experience we cultivate.

We are committed to fostering enduring connections - with the natural world, one's inner self, and fellow adventurers. We invite you to embrace the wonders of the outdoors, foster inner growth, create lasting memories, and potentially, form lifelong friendships. Together, we can unlock the hidden gems of the natural world and the depths of our consciousness. Join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery.

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