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Celebrating Hamilton's Mushroom Extracts - A Proud Sponsor of Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain

Big shout out to Hamilton's Mushroom Extracts as a valuable sponsor for our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures. Both our Pre-Conference Camping Adventure from June 14-18 and Post-Conference Luxury Mountain Home Adventure from June 25-29 are honored to have the support of such a passionate and knowledgeable sponsor.

Hamilton's mission is to make mushrooms and mycology accessible, relevant, and fun by exploring the ecology of mycology. They offer verifiably top-quality mushrooms at the best possible price, aiming to fill a quality and trust gap in the medicinal mushroom market. As mycophiles and self-medicators, we couldn't be more thrilled to have their partnership for our events!

Participants of our mountain adventures will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Hamilton's Mushroom Extracts, connecting with the power of mushrooms and learning more about mycology. We are incredibly grateful for their support and eagerly anticipate introducing our attendees to the fascinating world of medicinal mushrooms.

We encourage you to check out Hamilton's Mushroom Extracts' website at to explore their incredible selection of organic mushroom concentrates and learn more about their dedication to quality and trust in the medicinal mushroom industry.

Thank you, Hamilton's Mushroom Extracts, for your generous sponsorship and for helping us create meaningful and transformative experiences for our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures. Your support truly makes a difference!

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