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Embracing Nature's Bounty with Rowdy Mermaid – A Sponsor of Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Ad

We are happy to highlight our partnership with Rowdy Mermaid, a sponsor of our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures. This collaboration with a company rooted in nature and sustainability aligns with our commitment to wellness, exploration, and environmental consciousness.

Rowdy Mermaid offers delicious and functional kombucha crafted from hand-selected, sustainably sourced ingredients. Their beverages are brewed with the pristine waters of the Colorado Rockies, infused with organic teas and botanicals, and delicately flavored with fruits, herbs, and spices. With a focus on gut health, immunity, and overall well-being, Rowdy Mermaid's kombuchas are not only enjoyable but also beneficial to our adventurers' health.

As we embark on our outdoor experiences in the Colorado Rockies and immerse ourselves in the captivating realms of psychedelics and mycology, Rowdy Mermaid's kombucha will provide our participants with a refreshing, nourishing, and revitalizing treat.

We encourage you to visit Rowdy Mermaid's website to explore their variety of kombucha flavors, learn about their dedication to sustainability, and discover the health benefits of their functional beverages.

Thank you, Rowdy Mermaid, for supporting our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures and for sharing your passion for nature's gifts with our community. We appreciate your partnership!

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