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Meet Ashley, Outdoors Woman, Medicine Woman

Meet Ashley, a dedicated nurse practitioner who has been working in medicine since 2011. With a heart for serving uninsured and immigrant populations, she has spent years working as a primary care provider, offering vital healthcare services to those who need it the most. However, Ashley's passion for healing goes beyond her day job.

In 2015, Ashley discovered the power of plant medicines for healing and has been exploring this area ever since. While she can't use these treatments in her professional work, they have become a side passion that she is deeply committed to. As she learned more about the healing properties of plants, she realized that she wanted to share this knowledge with others.

To that end, Ashley attended guide training by Zendo and Medicinal Mindfulness in 2015, where she learned to support individuals through difficult psychedelic experiences. In addition, Ashley has been trained by UCLA's Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, where she learned about the benefits of mindfulness in the context of health and wellness. Ashley has also completed a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat, where she deepened her meditation practice.

Since then, Ashley has been using her skills to help people connect with nature, themselves, and the healing power of plants. Her passion for adventure has also led her to work in event medicine for the Apogaea, the Colorado Regional Burn, and Burning Man. As an avid outdoors woman, she is always prepared for any adventure and ready to help in any way she can. With her extensive medical knowledge and her commitment to healing, Ashley is an ideal adventure facilitator.

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