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Special Guest Kathryn Tucker JD - Suing the DEA, yoga & adventure sports!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Kathryn L. Tucker JD is a multi-talented individual with decades of experience moving advocacy agendas forward for social change movements. She is Director of Advocacy at the National Psychedelics Association, will be a speaker at MAPS’ Psychedelic Science conference, and will be a special guest on the Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures. Kathryn is known for her legal advocacy, legislative work, outdoor athleticism, and passion for sharing yoga practices.

Kathryn will be leading yoga sessions, giving a fireside talk about her advocacy on behalf of psychedelics and suing the DEA, as well as being a backup medical person for the event.

Kathryn served as a founding member of the Psychedelic Bar Association and Co-Chair of the Litigation and Advocacy Committee, and as liaison to the American Bar Association. She is a Founding Member of the Initiative on Psychedelics and Healing of the Global Wellness Institute.

Kathryn served as lead counsel representing patients and physicians in two landmark federal cases decided by the United States Supreme Court, asserting that mentally competent terminally ill patients have a constitutional right to choose aid in dying. Kathryn also handled state constitutional litigation asserting claims of a similar nature which established the right to choose aid in dying as a matter of state law. Kathryn played a key role in successfully defending the Oregon Death with Dignity Act from attack by the United States Department of Justice, representing the patient plaintiffs in proceedings before the Federal District Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States. Kathryn is lead counsel in the nation’s first litigation under the Right to Try Act, representing a palliative care physician and several cancer patients seeking to compel DEA to allow access to psilocybin therapy. AIMS et al v DEA. She is also involved with a petition to reschedule psilocybin and related litigation.

In addition to her legal advocacy work, Kathryn is also experienced and skillful in legislative advocacy, and she was involved in the successful campaigns to pass the Washington Death with Dignity Act, Vermont's Patient Choice at the End of Life Act, and Oregon's Psilocybin Services Act. She serves as a consultant on several state campaigns seeking to open access to psychedelic-assisted therapies and is involved in the effort to enact federal legislation to open access to psilocybin and other investigational psychedelic drugs.

Besides her legal advocacy, Kathryn is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga and a multisport outdoor adventure athlete. Former US National Champion in Olympic Flatwater Kayak and US Team Member in Whitewater Slalom Kayak. Kathryn can often be found in the great outdoors, Nordic skiing, trail running, river or ocean kayaking, backpacking, road or mountain biking, or deep in yogic practices!

Kathryn's legal advocacy and outdoor athleticism make her an ideal special guest for the Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures.

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