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Staying Refreshed & Healthy with Grüvi NA Drinks, one of our Sponsors

As we prepare for our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures, we want to acknowledge Grüvi, one of our valued sponsors. Their commitment to offering healthy alternatives to alcoholic beverages aligns with our focus on wellness, exploration, and making mindful choices during our adventures.

Grüvi provides a range of non-alcoholic drinks that are full of flavor, allowing our adventure participants to enjoy socializing and bonding without the effects of alcohol. Their non-alcoholic beers and wines are crafted with quality ingredients, making them a delicious and guilt-free option for those who choose to limit their alcohol intake.

During our adventures in the Colorado Rockies, we emphasize health and conscious consumption. Grüvi's non-alcoholic drinks enable our attendees to maintain a clear mind and stay present throughout the various activities, including hiking, mountain biking, yoga, and other activities.

We invite you to learn more about Grüvi's non-alcoholic drink offerings by visiting their website. Discover their range of flavorful beers and wines that cater to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We extend our gratitude to Grüvi for supporting our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures and helping us promote conscious choices for our attendees. Thank you, Grüvi, for being part of this journey!

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