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 Adventure Team

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Randy Hencken


Outdoorsman, boatman, snowboarder, mountain biker. Deliberative facilitator. Advisor Aspen Psychedelic Resource Center. Formerly: MAPS Communications' Director & organizer of first Psychedelic Science conference, Students For Sensible Drug Policy Chairman, Ibogaine Association, Seasteading Institute Executive Director, Decriminalize Sex Work political operative 

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Amber Stevens 

Adventure Facilitator

Ecstatic dancer, artist, nature lover, snowboarder, backpacker, adventure facilitator, massage therapist, personal trainer, sustainability advocate, holistic plant medicine facilitator, FUNtreprenuer, intentional event coordinator. Founder of Sacred Seeds of Health, a hub for psychedelic harm reduction education. Amber has been in the field of healing modalities for over 12 years. She uses her combined experience and expertise to provide non-judgmental compassionate space for those seeking healing. She has been providing her services for guests at festivals such as Burning Man, Envision, as well as in intentional settings, since 2017. She is here to empower humanity and the planet through a shift of perspective, so that we may all realize that our living is our healing

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Ashley Buckberg

Adventure Facilitator

Snowboarder, skier, backcountry tourer, whitewater rafter, cyclist. Nurse Practitioner working as a primary care provider for uninsured and immigrant populations. Trained plant medicine guide since 2015. Ashley has worked event medicine for the Colorado regional burn and at Burning Man. Avid outdoors woman, always prepared and ready to help no matter the adventure.

Benjamin Williamson

Adventure Facilitator

Skateboarder, artist, nature lover, philosopher, psychonaut, partner, son, spirit in form. With a passion for harm reduction, Benjamin has volunteered at events with N.E.S.T. and the local Psychedelic Club of Denver doing everything from holding space to substance testing. Benjamin considers himself a student of life, with a passion for philosophy and the nature of consciousness.

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