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PS23 Adventure

Our inaugural Psychedelic Colorado Mountain Adventure, benefitting MAPS, was a resounding success.

All of our participants say it met or beat their expectations, and they are encouraging us to offer similar adventures in the future.

During five days camping in the Rockies - despite unseasonably wet and cold weather - we went hiking, whitewater rafting, and zip-lining.

We shared meals around campfires, enjoyed talks by experts on drug policy and cacao, and participated in dialogues about our personal journeys.

We created a safe environment for our people to participate in group journeys, legal under Colorado law.

We donated thousands of dollars to MAPS 501(c)3.

To the delight of everyone in attendance, deep friendships were formed and a small family was created.

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People on a hike in the woods in the colorado mountains

Nature Hikes

We breathed in the fresh air as we explored the wilderness, and connected with nature. Our hikes werea great way to exercise, de-stress, and experience the beauty of Colorado. We tailored our hikes to meet the group's different fitness levels, so that everyone was able to enjoy the experience.

Group of people at look out during a hike

White Water Rafting

White-water rafting in the Colorado Rockies was an exhilarating odyssey, where the rushing rapids of pristine rivers met towering cliffs and lush pine forests. Our adrenaline surged with each paddle stroke, creating unforgettable camaraderie among all the adventurers. Against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks, this journey was a harmonious blend of thrill and natural splendor

Rafting 02.jpg
Rafting 01.jpg
Image by Ty Downs
Image by Ranu Parashar


Soaring through the pristine Colorado Rockies on a zip line was a thrilling adventure. We were suspended in mid-air over the canopy of aspens. The adrenaline rush intensified as the majestic landscapes unfolded below us and the crisp mountain air and panoramic views created an unforgettable experience, making this ziplining escapade in the Rockies a breathtaking journey.

Group  Journey 

In our first adventure 20 people participated in an optional group journey to the extent permitted under Colorado's law SB23-290 the week before the biggest psychedelic conference to date, Psychedelic Science 2023. 

We created a safe container for them to experience the magic of plant medicines. We held space without being dogmatic about how they participated. We treated them like an adults, letting them choose their own adventure. We also had trained peer support on hand should they have needed a hand or shoulder of a sober mind. 



We started our days early with grounding and invigorating yoga sessions. The practice was shared with our new friends and lead by a wonderful instructor. 

Image by Yannic Läderach

Fireside Chats & Music

What set this gathering apart was the chance to actively engage in preparing for the group journey, making it a collaborative and personalized experience. Everyone got to integrate their ideas, desires, and passions into the experience. We all shared our hopes and fears with one another ahead of the journey and we all had the chance to Reconnect afterwards to discuss and integrate.


Eat well and be well

All meals and snacks were prepared by a five star chef. We ate whole, healthy foods prepared with love. Allergies and special diets were accomodated. We indulged a little with fireside s'mores made with organic, vegan chocolates.

Bowl of Oatmeal with blueberries and almonds
Plates and bowls of eggs strawberries avocado butter syrup almonds
Cooking smores over a campfire

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