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Savoring the Taste of Adventure with Grateful Earth Coffee

As we gear up for our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures, we are excited to highlight Grateful Earth Coffee, a valued sponsor whose dedication to ethically sourced, high-quality instant coffee resonates with our principles of wellness, exploration, and sustainability.

Grateful Earth Coffee is a small company run by entrepreneur and friend of Randy Hencken, the author of this blog, Lorenzo Sevilla. Their diverse selection of exceptional instant coffee blends promises to energize our adventure participants throughout their Colorado Rockies journey. With activities such as hiking, mountain biking, yoga, and whitewater rafting on the agenda, Grateful Earth Coffee will provide that essential boost to keep attendees engaged and enthused.

Randy can personally attest to the invigorating power of Grateful Earth Coffee. He fondly recalls savoring their vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free instant coffee during the winter of 2021-2022, when he lived with friends and embarked on thrilling backcountry snowmobile and snowboard excursions. Grateful Earth Coffee often fueled their adventurous spirits.

Crafted to offer mental clarity without jitters or crashes, Grateful Earth Coffee supports the mindful, conscious exploration that our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures embody.

We invite you to visit Grateful Earth Coffee's website to uncover their ethically sourced instant coffee blends, gain insight into their commitment to sustainability, and appreciate the impact that exceptional coffee can have on your daily experiences.

A heartfelt thank you to Lorenzo Sevilla and Grateful Earth Coffee for their support of our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures and for contributing their remarkable instant coffee to our community. Your sponsorship, friendship, and the energy you infuse into our events are truly valued!

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