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Nourishing Our Adventures with Healthy Harvest: The Story Behind Our SponsorIntroduction:

As we embark on our Psychedelic Science Colorado Mountain Adventures, we are thrilled to have the support of our incredible sponsor, Healthy Harvest. More than just a sponsor, Healthy Harvest shares our values of sustainable living, responsible practices, and promoting wellbeing in all aspects of life. I'm going to quickly tell you the story behind Healthy Harvest, their commitment to supporting rural communities, and how their products nourish our adventures in the Colorado Rockies.

Healthy Harvest is a company devoted to providing the safest, highest quality products while partnering with family farmers in a way that preserves natural resources and considers the welfare of animals. This collaboration sustains and continues to enrich rural communities, a goal that aligns perfectly with the ethos of our adventures.

The Stroh Family Legacy.

The story of Healthy Harvest is deeply rooted in the Stroh family's history of farming in Colorado since the early 1900s. This way of life supported the family for over a century, and with it came a deep-rooted commitment to the humane approach in raising livestock and crops. When the Stroh family sold their farm, they remained committed to this approach and were inspired to encourage the farm way of life by providing sustainable solutions.

Healthy Harvest was born from the Stroh family's mission to connect responsible farmers with responsible eaters. In 2013, they started offering non-GMO, organic cooking oils, and high-quality feeds. Now managed by two generations, Healthy Harvest is proud to provide products that support farming and eating with a conscience.

Nourishing Our Adventures

During our pre and post-conference adventures in the Rockies, Healthy Harvest's top-quality, sustainably sourced products will be an essential part of our group meals. As we enjoy the stunning beauty of nature through water sports, hiking, mountain biking, yoga, and more, we can feel good about the food that fuels our bodies and supports rural communities.

We are honored to partner with Healthy Harvest, a company that shares our passion for sustainability, responsible practices, and promoting wellbeing. Together, we strive to create unforgettable experiences that not only nourish our bodies but also help create a more conscientious and compassionate world.

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